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Camping locations in the UK for the 2014 summer.

There is nothing like hitting the scenic B roads, or any road besides the M25, and enjoying the cool summer breeze at the many camping locations in the UK. This national holiday “must do” has long been enjoyed by caravan and RV owners but more people are looking into trailer tent rentals as a more cost effective and convenient option.
A trailer tent can be easily towed by any car or 4 wheel drive vehicle, and you can use your vehicle storage for other items or more importantly save yourself the agony of clearing out your vehicle’s boot. Parents with children will definitely know what I mean. You can even use the time you saved to plan your trip so that you book spots at the best camping locations in the country. While it is rather subjective, there are some common features that make a camping location great.

For starters, the amenities should be well maintained and described in detail in their brochure or website. Look out for access to electricity, lavatories, and medical facilities in the vicinity and of course a nearby garage. The best holidays are those you have with complete peace of mind. Remember, your rent a tent is a far cry from the creature comforts of your home.

Of course it is highly recommended, if not mandatory, that you equip your vehicle with all items you should need in an emergency, but in the unfortunate circumstance something does go wrong, it would be much easier if the right help was close at hand. Caravan and RV owners often do face mechanical problems as their vehicles are often only used a few times yearly.

Trailer tent rentals do lessen the possibility of your holiday going horribly wrong because of a broken fuel pump or backed up wash basin. Trailer tents however are rather basic in their offerings of creature comforts as compared to RVs and therefore it is imperative that your chosen camping location has the amenities to make you feel at home. Running water is probably the most important. A good tip: Camping sites that offer the rent a tent option usually cater well to the trailer tent campers.

The combination of global warming and the notorious unpredictable English skies is another factor that makes a choosing the correct camping location essential. The National Meteorology Department have announced that 2014 -2015 marks another cycle of El-Nino, making the summer hotter and wetter in this part of the world.
Trailer Tents of course are excellent in the wet weather but stepping out to a muddy mess can put a damper on the children’s holiday. When choosing your camping destination, do plan for the eventuality of precipitation. Camping sites that have paved sections and that have good drainage should be your first choice.

The rent a tent folks should try to avoid sites with a fantastic view, great open grassy spaces and nothing else. These spots are usually raved about in caravan magazines with reviews such as this one “The Chittingshire grounds are snugly tucked far away between two lavender farms with no hint of civilisation for miles around”. Remember, they have a bog in their vehicle while you might sink into a bog of another kind based on this year’s weather patterns.

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Renting a trailer tent

There are many outlets where you can rent a trailer tent from. With so many different options to chose from, finding the right one is not only possible, it is easy. The best of renting a trailer versus buying one is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of it. You use it for a short period of time and return it to be someone else’s problem to store and for maintenance. The model that you rent is also much better than any one that you can realistically afford to buy. By renting a trailer tent you can get something more than you could ever afford without the hassle of it being your responsibility past the fun vacation you took.

The best part about renting a trailer over buying one is that you don’t have to worry about storing it. Sometimes just the storage of a trailer tent can cost more than the loan you have to pay it off. When you rent, you use, you return, it is that simple. You don’t have to worry about the mileage, or the depreciation of it, you can use it for as long as you want and not have the constant headache of payments, or when finished, trading it in or selling it to someone else for a fraction of the price. When you buy a trailer tent it is a huge financial obligation and one that makes traveling and vacationing in it much more stressful, and much less carefree.